Another Israeli Murdered on the Altar of Political Correctness

Another horrific Palestinian terror attack has left another Israeli dead. IDF soldier, 21-year-old Tuvia Weissman, was stabbed to death Thursday evening in a Rami Levy supermarket at Sha’ar Benyamin. Weissman was shopping in the market in civilian clothes when he was attacked by two 14-year-old terrorists.

He leaves behind a wife and a infant child only a few months old.

Weissman, his wife, and child.
Weissman, his wife, and child.

The absurdity of his unnecessary death was highlighted afterwards when it was revealed that numerous civilians in the store were armed and had drawn their weapons, but were afraid to shoot because of recent statements by the IDF threatening civilians who kill terrorists.

It has become a completely absurd situation in which Israelis are now being intimidated into not defending themselves because of government fears that they will “inflame the situation.”

How can they inflame a situation that is already on fire?

Finally, one man did fire on the terrorists, and severely wounded them both–but it was too late for Weissman. Another Israeli was badly wounded.

Weissman’s murder came at the end of another two days of egregious Palestinian terrorism. More than 70 attacks took place on Wednesday and Thursday at such places as the Husan bypass road, Mt. Hebron, Ma’ale Amos, Pisgat Ze’ev, Abu Dis, Duma, Moaiir, Rachel’s Tomb, Mahathir, Sur Baher, Silwan, Ras Al Amud, Issawiya, Hebron, Anwar, Kiryat Arba, Herodion, Bani Nam, Halhul, A-Tur, Shuafat, Benezlat, Yabad, and on and on.

Judea, Samaria, and eastern Jerusalem are even more out of control than they already were.

Another Palestinian stabbing was thwarted at the Cave of the Patriarchs this morning. An Israeli woman was wounded by shrapnel when her car was hit by a grenade on Road 446, an Israeli ambulance came under attack between Kiryat Arba and Hebron.

Again, we could go on and on.

What will it take for the Netanyahu government to come to its senses and stop the carnage taking place?

How many more Israelis have to be murdered on the altar of political correctness?

Staff Sgt. Tuvia Weissman of the Nachal Brigade. May his memory be forever blessed.
Staff Sgt. Tuvia Weissman of the Nachal Brigade. May his memory be forever blessed.

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