A fresh European recommendation on “the way journalism should be practiced”

has just been posted under the category “Europe and the world” of A fistful of Euros – European Opinion.

There, the author lauds a Dutch video “on Iran” that

shows normal people instead of foaming-at-the-mouth politicians or clergy. Watch, for instance, the Iranian skaters. What a familiar sight they are to our Western eyes. I also have to mention that this video is NOT apologetic of the Iranian regime. A good journalist simply needs to show, as best he can, the diverse reality on the ground […].

That’s right, journalists should always stick as closely as possible to the “diverse reality on the ground”, for the diverse reality above it, like here:

Iran hangings

is in most cases not elevating enough for shaping unapologetic European opinions. Even if the hoists may have been made in Italy.

Watch, for instance, the Iranian skaters in the background instead. Yes, there! under the tree!… All in all, quite a familiar sight, n’est-ce pas?

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