Frau Merkel preist Deutschland in Israel

als doch sehr an der Sicherheit Israels interessiert. Frau Glick macht klar, dass es verlogener kaum geht:

The Germans provided the public with one of the most absurd displays of European hypocrisy and mendacity on February 29. That day, Germany transferred command over UNIFIL’s naval contingent to Italy. After deploying a force of four ships and 2,400 men to the Lebanese coastline in 2006 with the expressed purpose of preventing Hizbullah’s rearmament, Germany devoted most of its efforts to complaining about Israeli overflights of Lebanese airspace and provoking the IAF by launching German helicopters into Israeli airspace without prior coordination.

And yet, at the command handover last month, German Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung announced, “We can guarantee that no weapons were smuggled by sea.” For its part, Hizbullah has clearly been unimpressed by Germany’s naval power. It has registered no complaints against Germany’s navy, something it would have done if any of the 13,000 boats the Germans claim to have inspected was actually carrying its weapons. Significantly, while Hizbullah was downright friendly to the German navy, it went into a near apoplectic fit of rage when, the same week that the Germans transferred command to the Italians, the USS Cole anchored off Lebanon’s coast.

While Merkel will ignore her country’s economic support for Iran and its military weakness and decision to embrace appeasement of the Arabs at Israel’s expense as a national and continental strategy during her address to the Knesset, she will wax poetically about her nation’s support for the so-called “peace process” and Palestinian statehood.

Merkel of course, knows full well that Israel’s presumptive Palestinian “peace partner” the Fatah movement is a terrorist group. She also knows that the Olmert-Livni-Barak government’s presumptive interlocutor for peace, Palestinian Authority Chairman and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas is neither able nor interested in establishing a Palestinian state that will live at peace with Israel. She also knows that if the so-called peace process brings about a Palestinian state in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem, that state will simply be a terror state that will stand at the side of the terror state that was established in Gaza in 2005.

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