English Writing Exercise

I would have liked to write something about how the current Italian government, among others, probably “helped” the Afghan president Karzai very much in convincing himself of appeasing the Taliban islamofascists, I don’t have much time and I feel a little discouraged at the moment, too, because a few minutes ago I read the Jerusalem Post headline PM expresses hopes prisoner release will lead to progress in peace talks, but the “good news” is that all these ugly things remind me of the fact that I should recommend yet another important analysis written by Caroline Glick and published just shortly before in the Jerusalem Post online edition:

Column One: Ahmadinejad’s overlooked message

During his visit to New York this week, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad attacked every basic assumption upon which Western civilization is predicated. Ahmadinejad offered up his attacks while extolling his vision of Islamic global domination. Continue reading English Writing Exercise

European Soft-Power

From an article by Magdi Allam, quoted by Informazione Corretta:

Anche senza disporre di rivelazioni sul colloquio del 5 giugno tra Bashar el Assad e D’Alema, per capirne di più basta stare ai dati di fatto. A Damasco è stato il titolare della Farnesina a lasciar intendere in pubblico che si deve anche a Hezbollah e ad Hamas se le forze italiane in Libano, oltre duemila militari, non sono state bersagli di gravi attentati.
Alla domanda di una giornalista araba sui rischi per il nostro contingente, D’Alema aveva risposto che attacchi di terroristi legati ad al Qaeda erano stati prevenuti grazie alla «collaborazione della stragrande maggioranza dei gruppi palestinesi» (dunque anche del primo partito, Hamas) e «dell’esercito libanese e di tutte le componenti della società libanese» (quindi anche di Hezbollah).

Here is a slide show that has absolutely nothing to do with Mr Massimo D’Alema (well, yes… maybe a little with Hamas):

missile terror on sderot

PS: Sderot is a town in Israel. Israel is a place where, according to previously “marxist analysts” like D’Alema, mainly people with “false consciousness” live.