English Writing Exercise

I would have liked to write something about how the current Italian government, among others, probably “helped” the Afghan president Karzai very much in convincing himself of appeasing the Taliban islamofascists, I don’t have much time and I feel a little discouraged at the moment, too, because a few minutes ago I read the Jerusalem Post headline PM expresses hopes prisoner release will lead to progress in peace talks, but the “good news” is that all these ugly things remind me of the fact that I should recommend yet another important analysis written by Caroline Glick and published just shortly before in the Jerusalem Post online edition:

Column One: Ahmadinejad’s overlooked message

During his visit to New York this week, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad attacked every basic assumption upon which Western civilization is predicated. Ahmadinejad offered up his attacks while extolling his vision of Islamic global domination. Continue reading English Writing Exercise

Un’altra ragione per passare questo week-end a Vienna…

… e protestare domenica contro la collaborazione europea con il nazi-freak Ahmedinejad e i suoi compagni anti-imperialisti (mullah e non):

Se si crede a Regnar Rasmussen, che ha lavorato come interprete e analista presso le Forze Speciali dell’esercito danese, e poi nel Dipartimento di polizia criminale del suo Paese, la chiave del problema nucleare iraniano è che nel 1991 il presidente del Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbaiev ha venduto tre testate nucleari a Teheran […]

(Da La pulce di Voltaire)


(Forse, se io scrivessi qui fra parentesi “voli per Vienna”, “alberghi a Vienna”, “biglietti last minute per Vienna”, “pernottamento a Vienna” e “Hotel a Vienna” qui sotto comparirebbero anche degli annunci adeguati per chi fosse interessato a voli per Vienna e/o alberghi a Vienna…)

… ma forse vi assisterebbero anche gli organizzatori della manifestazione.)

Altre ragioni per acquistare biglietti last minute o prendere un treno per Vienna vengono fornite anche qui da “Spanish Pundit“.

“Neo-Nazis against ‘Jew Rally in Vienna'”

Neo-Nazis against “Jew Rally in Vienna”

The rally on the occasion of the impending Iranian atomic armament planned for September 30th drew the ire of Neo-Nazis: On the “Heimatschutz” (homeland protection) forum – a forum associated with the “Bund Freier Jugend” (BFJ – Alliance of Free Youth) – a certain “Heimdall” calls attention to the rally in a message titled “Judendemo in Wien” (Jew Rally in Vienna). A user under the revealing nickname “Brandsatz” (incendiary device) asks whether “countermeasures” should be taken. “Heimdall” then proposes to “unpack the Palestinian scarfs and support the anti-imperialists”. […]

Rally: “No Deals with the Iranian mullahs!”

No Deals with the Iranian mullahs!

Down with Iran’s atomic program and its Austrian and European supporters! It’s about Israel – and the remainder of political reason!

Sunday, September 30th 2007
18:00, Vienna, Stephansplatz

Organized by Café Critique and the Jewish community of Vienna (IKG)

Ahmadinejad calls for the annihilation of Israel on a regular basis. Iran’s former president Rafsanjani, considered in the West a ‘moderate,’ gushes over a single atomic bomb being sufficient enough to obliterate Israel. The nuclear weapons the Iranian mullahs intend to build threaten the whole world. There is no dialog to conduct with representatives of the Iranian dictatorship, which persecutes religious minorities such as the Baha’i and executes homosexuals. They are prepared to sacrifice the inhabitants of their very own country for their apocalyptic goals, on behalf of which they unleash yet the worst repressions against each and every effort among the population towards emancipation. That is to say: once they possess atomic weapons, politics of deterrence will prove ineffective. Whoever seeks to conduct a dialog and business with them, pursues the same appeasement which once facilitated a war in Europe that turned into the largest war of extermination in history.

Continue reading Rally: “No Deals with the Iranian mullahs!”