“President Obama’s path to allow Iran to have nuclear power

is akin to offering Zyklon B gas to Hitler as long as he promised not to gas the Jews. How could Obama’s initiative be otherwise? His actions belie his intent.”

While we are still being overwhelmed on the domestic front by the disaster that is Obamacare, it still can be repealed. A failed state is guaranteed if we do not overcome the damage done by Obama’s foreign policy and its threat to our union.

America is facing a watershed event – Iranian madmen armed with nuclear devices. Someone must awaken the citizens of America to fact that the security and prosperity of our nation is not just a domestic affair. While we continue to battle Obama’s draconian domestic policies, our politicians are oblivious to the reality that the greatest threat to our nation, our economy, and the future of America is a global threat and its epicenter is Iran.

The pressure we must put on President Obama to successfully overcome the fatal effects of his foreign policy must be even more relentless than the campaign launched against Obamacare, failure is not an option.

If Iran gains nuclear capabilities the world will become ground zero, because the greatest enemy of freedom will have tested and broken America’s resolve. Who then will be left to prevent the globalization of tyranny if America’s identity as the advocate of freedom were to be vanquished? This is why we must never let America be decimated by a foreign policy that would give victory to Iran and Islam over America and its Constitution.

Stanley Zir

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