Caroline Glick: “[W]e are witnessing how a nuclear armed Iran is changing the face of the Middle East.”

“[W]hether the negotiations go on forever or end at a certain point, the result won’t be a train wreck. It will be Iran with a nuclear bomb or nuclear arsenal in its basement, waiting for a propitious moment to conduct a nuclear weapons test or attack.”, 6/2/2014.

One thought on “Caroline Glick: “[W]e are witnessing how a nuclear armed Iran is changing the face of the Middle East.””

  1. The Torah is the Creator’s handbook or maunal for how Jews, –and only Jews, by the way, are to behave (the seven laws of Noah are the maunal for the rest of mankind). When someone murders, and there are reliable witnesses–at least 2 the murderer must be put to death. In most countries, courts are no way as stringent as the Jewish courts were ordered to be. That is why innocents are put to death by a civil court (we’re not even getting into political courts here). A country at war, and Israel is at war, must protect itself. If any Arab sees that he can murder men women and children and then be released again and again, doesn’t it make sense, even to the most liberal, that the death penalty is necessary? I’ve lived on two borders of Israel in my time, (now I live in small town in the north), and we were fired upon again and again, and nothing was ever in the news here (or abroad) unless someone was killed. You have no idea how much murderous aggression Israelis have to suffer if you don’t read the Israeli papers–now conveniently in English. When we are talking about civilian crime, we have to realize that there are many many factors involved in ‘evidence’ one way or another about results of capital punishment. If it is arbitrary and one race is over-represented, if there are gross differences in how the poor and the rich are sentenced, etc then ‘evidence’ is likely to be misleading–and of course innocents will be murdered by the state and criminals will be set free. In a place like the United States, where people can easily be turned into hysterical mobs–north and south (check out your history if this sounds strange to you), there is no place for capital punishment. But Israel is very different from America, and cannot be considered in the same framework.

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