While everyone whines and whips Jews because it’s so “provocative” that some of them still build houses in Israel,

here is what is happening in an already totally judenrein “country” thanks to such great advocates of Arab democracy as Hague, Cameron, Sarkozy (and Caruana Galizia):

In North Africa, the Al Qaeda leader [Ayman Zuwahiri] has learned that the Muslim extremists fighting in Libya’s National Transitional Council ranks against Muammar Qaddafi have cemented their control not just of Tripoli, the capital, but also of Tobruk near the Egyptian border. DEBKAfile‘s counter-terror sources report that those Islamists, while pretending to defer to the NTC, in fact deny its officials access to the key Libyan cities under their fists.

This is the first time that military forces linked to Al Qaeda have attained control of major Mediterranean ports and the use of a military airfield. [DEBKAfile, today, emphasis mine.]

How reassuring that the worst that can happen there is – in the wise words of Daphne Caruana Galizia – “the equivalent of what would happen if the Vatican were to take over the running of, say, Malta”!

Give or take a few more beheadings, stonings, chopping of fingertips and clitorises, perhaps.

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