Sarkozy, Cameron, Hague, where the hell are you?

We have a new youth revolution going on here in Yemen, including one freedom square, one  “famous holocaust” (50 dead), plus one democratic transitional council president with Islamic prayer bump (like Abdul-Jalil), who says:

The revolution has started in Taiz and everyone knows it is a peaceful revolution. Taiz citizens have stayed peaceful in an unimaginable manner. In spite of the sacrifices they offered, the regime decides to attack this marvelous aspect by its soldiers, the aspect that represents a culture and civilization of a nation. As a result, the regime military lately at night occupied the Freedom Square and committed the famous holocaust which was planned on the same day of Al Karamah Friday in which 50 of revolutionists were killed. [emphasis mine, rest not mine]

Not interested, you say? You say that although the boss is a Palestinianist like you, as long as there is “no break in the impasse [in the Israeli-‘Palestinian’ ‘peace process’]  it could poison Arab countries’ evolution to democracy,” as Jews always like to poison everything, as everyone knows…, so you have to break their necks first? Al-Qaeda Yemen has to wait?

OK, in Ordnung!

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