On occasion of Malta’s recognition of the Libyan “transitional council as Libyan government” and Iran’s simultaneous congratulations to the “rebels”…

… for now, just one quote from Israel:

IN a knee jerk reflexive action, western pundits have a habit of applauding without understanding the players involved. While surely the average Joe or Jane are thrilled with Qadafi’s ouster, they have every reason to be afraid-very afraid-of the backers behind the ‘rebels’. These so called opponents are Islamic to their core. In fact, their backers have already posted a framework for a new Libyan Constitution. Guess what? Sharia is its CORE doctrinal law.
Not to be a spoil sport, but the pre-jubilation of many Jeffersonian Democrats, when the Shah was ousted, was decidedly premature and is eerily similar to the upheavels we are witnessing. History DOES repeat itself.
Again, while the average person in the Iranian street believed that freedom was theirs for the taking, the Islamic vanguard had other plans. And we all know how THAT turned out.  Lest one believes that 1979 was a blip on the radar, the Egyptian ‘spring’ is not so sweet smelling, only a few months after the fact. In fact, the Brotherhood is ascendant, the peace accord in tatters, Sinai is awash with Al Qaeda terror groups and Egyptian soldiers are abutting our borders. How’s that for progress?

Therefore, as simplistic as it sounds, be careful what you wish for and what you champion. Moreover, viewing these upheavals as separate events is a recipe for regional disaster. WITHOUT cutting off the head of the snake-Iran and its proxy forces-there will only be MORE, not less, bloodshed in the streets.
Of course, Israel is their preferred and most immediate target.
Save your applause……

(Adina Kutnicki on the comment board of the Jerusalem Post online edition)

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