Shame on whom, Ms. DCG?

Daphne Caruana Galizia, after and along with Der Spiegel, does now a bit of PR for Joschka Fischer, an early admirer of the Khomeinist revolution in Iran, the German chief promoter of what is now the almost serben-, juden- and zigeunerrein Islamic “rogue state” of Kosovo; for that Joschka Fischer thanks to whom the Germans managed to bomb Belgrade for the third time (at least) in the last century shortly before it ended and managed to give a decisive boost to what the Führer, in a moment of self-criticism, had recommended implicitly to the German people in his “political testament”: a “more audacious alliance with Islam.

Ghax anything short of this can only be echt voll nazi.

Former German foreign minister Joschka Fischer: “Shame for the failure of our government”

Shame on you instead, Ms. Super-Crucca, to say it with a euphemism!

P.S. for Ms. Caruana Galizia only: I’ve read that you said apropos the German abstention re the UNSC resolution 1973, “It’s French and British cars for me from now on. Are there any British cars left, or has Germany bought the lot?” And now I have googled for you! Be careful at least also with French cars! They do business in India, another traitor nation just like the blind chicken Germany, but probably an even worse, i.e. an “Islamophic” one, only because they pretend to have a long history of being slaughtered by Muslim conquerors! How appalling! Who knows whether they will ever learn anything from their history either! As far as British cars are concerned, please google by yourself! Anzi, how about an Iranian one? They have “democratic governance” there too, from which, as you say, everything else springs automatically (freedom, institutions, tolerance, respect, etc.), and they are not racists: you just have to submit to Islam, put on a headscarf, and can continue bleating as you’ve always done, as much as the EU commission and Der Spiegel, can’t you? 😉

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