“R2P” the people of Libya – not much more than a little training for the dhimmi nations France and Britain for the EU-UN two-state final solution of the Jewish question

The Israeli-Palestinian peace process should not be forgotten even while there is unrest taking place in Arab countries and 2011 must be the year that a Palestinian state is created, French Prime Minister Francois Fillon said Tuesday.

The people of the region “are also concerned with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which must not be forgotten while Arab political transition is taking place,” he told the National Assembly in a debate on armed intervention in Libya.


The statements come after French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said last week that France will not recognize a Palestinian state on its own, but the possibility of the entire European Union doing so “should be kept in mind.”

Speaking to his parliament’s foreign affairs committee, the French foreign minister said: “There’s no point recognizing the Palestinian state on our own. It must be done together,” AFP reported.

“Personally we’re not there yet,” he said, but added, “I think that it’s a possibility that should be kept in mind.”

Earlier this month, Britain announced that it was upgrading the status of the Palestinian Authority’s delegation in London, although that too fell short of recognition.

Jpost.com, today.

Don’t know what “R2P” is? Maybe this link can help a bit. And this one to figure out what that new form of German-European humanitarian ideology means for Israel.

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