“How Israel’s Peacemaking Endangers Itself and the Stability of the Region”

At a meeting with Jewish leaders, Barack Hussein Obama told them to “search your souls” over whether Israel really wants to make peace. But all those leaders need to search is Israeli cemeteries filled with the graves of thousands of victims of the peace process. Perhaps there they can search the souls of the thousands of men, women and children, blown up in restaurants, gunned down in schools and on roads, tortured to death in the No-Go Zones of the Palestinian Authority. They are, in the memorably gruesome words of Rabin, “Sacrifices for Peace”, human sacrifices served up on the burning altar of diplomacy in an endless holocaust of appeasement. Every inch of territory that Israel has given up into the hands of terrorists, has been used as the front line of terrorism. If Israelis are less eager to be served up as human sacrifices to the Muslim Moloch, that should call for soul searching not by them, but by the Western governments who have blindly supported Muslim terrorists leaders Arafat and Abbas, and their murderous campaign against Israeli civilians.


[…] Western leftists are playing the anarchist to the Muslim bolshevik, tearing down the system with no real concern for what rises in its place. Their wonderland of democracy and civil rights is as real as Utopia and Erehwon. Already the persecution of Christian Copts in Egypt has reached a fevered pitch. And International Women’s Day was marked in Tahrir Square with assaults on the few hundred women that dared show up by men shouting that their call for equality was against Islam. Like Lara Logan, they had to be rescued by Egyptian soldiers, who after the removal of Mubarak, represent the only alternative to Muslim mob rule. And as goes Egypt, so goes the region.

When Western governments made their sacrifice play of Israel in the early 90’s they were playing from a position of strength. Now they are the weaker players, besieged by oil money and immigrant demographics, with the pointed towers of minarets rising around them, while their own sources of strength falter and fall. The European hand-wringing over multiculturalism and America electing a wartime leader with a Muslim background so he could tour the world and reassure Muslims of our good intentions are signs of drastic weakness. In the nineties Western governments were using Israel for their sacrifice play, now they are reduced to sacrificing their own countries and values in the hopes of appeasing the growing rage of Islam. A growing rage fed to fury by their own concessions.


The Muslim world’s wars against Israel succeeded in making it into an example of resistance to the Jihad. But Western pressure and the weakness of Israeli leaders has turned it into a cautionary example instead. Israel now stands internationally isolated. Its allies in the West and the Muslim world are lining up to turn their backs on it. And in that silence, waits a desperate lesson to be learned. That paradoxically Israel can only have peace, when it refuses it. And that it can only avoid war by being ready and willing to fight it. No romantic notions about its ties to the United States or the goodwill that can come from creating a Palestinian state will save it. They will only destroy it, as they have been destroying it until now. Only by refusing to be Czechoslovakia, but rather Finland, can Israel weather the coming storm. Only by standing tall will it find the room to breathe again. Only by giving up on peace, can it have peace again.

Excerpts from: Sultan Knish (Daniel Greenfield), 9 March 2011

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