“An Italian Perspective on Anti-Americanism”…

ist die Einleitung zu einem Beitrag von Erica Alini in “Davids Medienkritik” überschrieben. Auch die daran sich anschließende Diskussion ist lesenswert.

Erica Alini is an Italian graduate student studying international relations in the United States and a respected colleague. She opposed the Iraq war, yet recognizes the very real problem of anti-Americanism in Europe. The following is a piece she wrote in late 2004 for “The American Online.” It is a must-read and Erica has been kind enough to personally grant us permission to run the entire article:

Ugly Americani
By Erica Alini

A little blue spark shines in the dark for an instant. Nothing. Second attempt. Same result. Third attempt. Nothing again. On the fourth try the little blue spark finally turns itself into a little flame. Not much, but just enough to light a cigarette. In the darkness I can see Michele’s chin and nose. Not his eyes. I hear him inhale the smoke, slowly and voluptuously. The red dot of his burning tobacco moves to the side: “Yeah, I understand your point. I know what you’re trying to say.” He lets the smoke out, careful not to blow it into my face. “But I can’t agree with it, we have to demonize them.”

“Them” is the Americans.

Hier ist der vollständige Essay zu finden.

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