Ho già capito, Fausto Carioti!

Due giorni fa Lei ha scritto sul Suo blog:

Senza radici, senza politica estera, senza esercito, senza mercato: resta da capire cosa resta, a questo punto, della fantastica Europa unita.

Detto in fretta in fretta: restano tre cose, secondo me, della “fantastica” Europa unita, e cioè:

  • l’antisemitismo;
  • l’antiserbismo

(questo lo prova anche Lei quando dice che l’Ue “[n]on ha mai avuto un esercito comune. Col risultato che quando nei Balcani (a un’ora di volo dal cuore dell’Europa) si mettevano in piedi enormi macellerie a cielo aperto, le cancellerie continentali dovevano pietire aiuto alla deprecata ‘iperpotenza’ statunitense perché facesse quello che l’Unione europea non era capace di fare”: cioè bombardare ancora una volta i serbi un po’ per conto di un “popolo” legato all’ideologia “Blut und Boden”, e un po’ per conto suo); nonché

  • la raccolta differenziata.

Sono le cose che mi vengono in mente per ora, ma forse ce ne sono altre.

Übersetzungen Italienisch Englisch Deutsch
… Simply good translations.

Just in case you should hear about more “Serbian atrocities” in the near future…

… and given that the mainstream media may be too busy reporting about “hope” speeches and “Israeli atrocities” except for the following one:

A Saudi Arabian who went to the Gaza Strip to fight alongside Hamas was killed during Israel’s offensive in the Palestinian territory, several Islamic websites reported yesterday. Abu Mohammed Al Marri, who reportedly arrived in Gaza 10 days before the start of the Israeli offensive, “has become a martyr in the land of Gaza,” the websites said. The man, from a town in eastern Saudi Arabia, was a veteran of battles against Russian troops in Afghanistan and in Chechnya as well as against Serb and Croat forces in Bosnia, the websites said.

As emailer Alex said, “Thank you, Israel!”

maybe you should take into account the following:

Albanian Officials Preparing Staged Terrorist Attacks in Kosovo Province North

According to the Serbian intelligence report, Priština-based Albanian secret service ŠIK is preparing a series of staged terrorist attacks in Bošnjačka Mahala settlement in Kosovska Mitrovica, aimed at generating sharp reaction from international institutions and thus insuring deployment of the Albanian special troops, consisting of former members of terrorist KLA.

Prepared scenario involves bombing attacks against ethnic Albanian families residing in this part of town, for which the Serbs will be blamed, like in the recent bomb attack on Albanian-owned restaurant in the same part of town, which served to stage an attack on Serbian firefighters, who responded the call to put out the fire.

As Julia Gorin puts it:

We’re fighting them there so we don’t have to fight them here.
Except in the Balkans.
We help them there so we have to later fight them elsewhere.
Including here.

Kosovo: Recommended reading for Mr. Alan Posener (German journalist)

This was a letter from Kosovo posted on the Chicago Tribune Forum earlier this month by attorney and activist John Bosnitch:

I am writing to you from a Serbian Monastery grounds just outside the city of Prizren in southern Kosovo and Metohija. When I arrived here several hours ago I had to stand outside in the rain while a German NATO soldier checked my documents behind a wall of barricades and razor wire protected by well-armed troops secured behind armored bunkers. The razor wire is here to stop the Albanians from coming in here and killing the monks and destroying this holy place which predates the Ottoman Turkish occupation of these Christian lands centuries ago.

I told you that I am writing to you from the monastery “grounds” because the monastery itself was destroyed by Albanian mobs under the very eyes of NATO troops who did nothing to stop them when they went on a coordinated pogram against Serbs, especially targeting their Christian churches, more than four years ago in a modern day re-enactment of Hitler’s Kristallnacht Pogrom against the Jews.

Earlier today I visited [If you’d like to read the entire article at Republican Riot you can click here, Mr Posener!]

Even tiny Malta recognizes so-called Kosovo now!

Yes and with an interesting pass-partout justification:

Foreign Minister Tonio Borg said Kosovo was being recognised because there was no other alternative for the region following the events of the past 10 years.

Given that the first on-line comment (and further fatherly völkisch instigation)

Well done, Dr Borg! What is Malta’s position on the Georgia conflict (Abkhazia & Ossetia)?

on that news on timesofmalta.com came from somebody with a quite-German-sounding name (Martin Büttner), it might perhaps be good to remind the few people who would like to know what kind of events have happened continuously in the region over the past 10 years – even if Mr. Borg may not have meant exactly the events that happened in that region itself. The following is just one example.

In Kosovo, meanwhile, U.S.- and German-led NATO has helped the Albanian Muslims cleanse just about all the Christians (except the ones in the last remaining Serbian stronghold of Northern Mitrovica — which we’ll be beating into submission to Muslim-Albanian rule in a few weeks). Specifically, recall the story of how German NATO were placing yellow crosses on the homes of the remaining Serbs in Albanian-dominated areas. This way, the Albanians knew which homes to firebomb or harass until the occupants left:

Early next morning we went in German KFOR jeeps to visit the nearby village of Mushnikovo [in Zupa valley]… I noticed that the doors of the surrounding houses had yellow markers on them. On some houses it looked like an X, on others it looked like a cross. I asked the German soldiers what these yellow crosses were doing on these doors. I received an answer I could scarcely believe. The young soldier, whom I later photographed, informed me that these were used to denote that Serbs lived in these houses. He said that people had to know which houses were inhabited by Serbs. I wondered why? So I then said to him. “You mean that you are highlighting the fact the Serbs are living in these houses by putting yellow crosses on their doors”. He nodded. I could hardly believe what I was hearing. The previous night the church and the house across from the church had been attacked by rocket propelled grenades and here was German KFOR marking out the houses which were later attacked by extremists. This seemed incomprehensible to me. I pointed out that they were denoting the religious affiliation of these people and outlining the fact that these were Christians in a predominantly Muslim village. I pointed out to the soldier that this was not the first time in their history that the German army had put markers on the doors of people perceived as unter-menschen.

Shortly afterwards, a German army officer came and asked me what my problem was. I pointed out that I was not the one with the problem. He explained that the reason that the yellow crosses were on the doors of the houses [was] that these houses had been searched for weapons and unexploded ordinance and were deemed “free’ of weapons. It was then that I really began to wonder if these people in charge really knew what they were doing. The Muslims, both Slavs and Albanians, in the village had no such markers on their houses. They had complete freedom to travel wherever they liked throughout Kosovo and harass and intimidate innocent members of other communities. The Serbs in the village had no such freedom of movement. I was aware that the Serbs and Roma and others were being cleared out of their villages and towns all around Kosovo and I wondered what information the KFOR soldiers on the ground were receiving from the NATO high command. Were they still being fed the propaganda that the few remaining elderly Christian Serbs were the enemy or were the threat?

From Republican Riot, July 15th, 2008

But fear not. In Malta itself now at least

[t]he European Commission’s Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities is organising a cartoons competition […] as part of its pan-European campaign called For Diversity Against Discrimination.

First prize: 700 Eurabios, second: 300.

Kosovo: proposta di lettura per il sig. Giuliano Ferrara

che sa l’inglese e che ammirava tanto il sig. Massimo D’Alema per avere saputo portare la sinistra italiana a una guerra (forse quasi fino a quando camminò pubblicamente a braccetto con l’hezbollah).

Poiché a che tipo di guerra (guarda caso) il D’Alemah ha portato la sinistra o il governo di centro-sinistra italiano di allora lo spiega bene Julia Gorin:

For the past eight years, I’ve been in a lonely place politically. I don’t mean the kind of lonely that conservatives generally find themselves in. I’m talking about utter desolation, for there are just as few conservatives as liberals where I’ve been. One of the only non-Serbian Americans to do so, I watched with steady interest for the better part of a decade the clockwork predictability of the fallout from our forgotten Kosovo intervention, a bombing campaign against an emerging post-Communist democracy rooted in Judeo-Christian values–on behalf of tribalistic, blood-code-following nominal Muslims claiming oppression and no less than genocide and ethnic cleansing.

Watching the Albanians predictably move on to terrorize Macedonia within a few months of our intervention that would “contain” the conflict, and then watching Albanians turn their weapons on NATO peacekeepers within 18 months, I wondered what it would take to get a national discussion going about that huge, self-destructive debacle. What would it take to have the debate that, it must be said despite my hobby of mocking Europeans, the German public had in 2001 when it put its politicians’ feet to the fire after learning the hoax that their country had been party to, thanks to a German documentary unapologetically titled “It Began with a Lie.”

Per continuare a leggere l’articolo di Julia Gorin pubblicato il 4 luglio 2007 su American Thinker cliccare qui.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton: two distinct kinds of Euros

A striking characterization by Caroline Glick, just found in the Jerusalem Post Online Edition:

[…] how will a President Hillary Clinton or a President Barack Obama respond after being shown that appeasement of the Palestinians has once again failed and that appeasement or deterrence of the Iranian regime has also failed once again? Given their distinct emotional makeup, it can be assumed that Obama will argue that reality is wrong and continue on – Carter-like – into the abyss and drag his country and Israel down with him. Acting in a Clinton-like way, Clinton on the other hand, would be more likely to pick a fight with Serbia – or call for a federal ban on chewing tobacco in a bid to change the subject.