Two reading proposals for Chana Ya’ar (Arutz Sheva)

regarding the “genocide,” the “crimes against humanity” and so on (who cares about definitions anymore!) allegedly perpetrated by “the Serbs” at Srebrenica:

1) Julia Gorin: Torture, Evidence-tampering, Beatings, Bribes, Blackmail and Bullying Continue at our International Kangaroo Court: Prosecutors have Witness Kidnapped, Falsely Imprisoned, and Family Detained and Threatened: All in a Day’s Work when a Serb is on Trial

2) Milivoje Ivanišević: The Srebrenica ID Card

PS: I criticize you (or Arutz Sheva) and not the Jerusalem Post (or any Saudi-Arabian, Iranian of German or Italian newspaper or the New York Times), because until yesterday I still thought that at least your newspaper would still care a little bit about the truth and know how half- and quarter-truths can be turned into propaganda lies, and since today I am only hoping that, if Aleksander Cvetkovic should indeed eventually be extradited to Bosnia-Herzegovina, a state founded by an Islamist war-mongerer, you will be covering at least that case closely (and a little critically), especially apropos the evidence concerning the “massacre of thousands of [Muslim and not Serbian] civilians” reported by you.