“Anti-Semitism is the rumor about the Jews.” (Adorno)

… and anti-Semites are those who believe and spread it:

[Dmitry Medvedev, the President of the Russian Federation] added […] that “those [the Israeli government] are independent people. And I would say that on many questions they are defending stubborn positions. Very tough. And the US has seen the proof of that lately.” [Jerusalem Post Online, 12/4/2010 (Yom Ha Shoah)]

Anti-Semites are people who, if they can, with no scruples provide anti-Semites, in this case Iran, with the means to prepare for the mass-killing of Jews. Russia has done just this, e.g. helping Iran in completing the nuclear facility of Bushehr after the Germans had started building it, bringing a dangerous pool of Islamist rackets that aims to rule the world close to the possession of atomic bombs.