Pictures from (possibly) the most recent little “Facebook Kristallnacht” (so to speak) in revolutionary Egypt

The Egyptian military did not intervene in the Tahrir square demonstrations, or in the so-called “Facebook revolution,” and it did not intervene here either.

Egyptian military sides with Muslim mob in anti-Christian pogroms

It always seems to be the same pattern, lately. Christians call the military to protect them against Muslim attacks.  Then troops are sent. First they watch for a while, and then they step in on the side of the aggressors, helping the Muslim mob kill “infidels.” The new Egyptian democracy.

Well, why not? Might is right, isn’t it? In Kosovo in the Nineties, the Serbian police (and army) tried to protect Christian civilians in their even predominantly Christian own country. As an award for this they were accused of massacres (which were staged by Muslims) and then they got a NATO-boosted high-tech Jihad, and the aggressors have by now gotten an independent “state”, almost free of Christians (and churches).

(AINA) — According to Father Abram Fahmy, pastor of St. Simon the Tanner Monastery in Mokatam Hills, on the outskirts of Cairo, Copts were killed and injured today in a fresh attack by Muslims. It was reported the Egyptian army fired live ammunition on Copts. The attack has claimed until now the lives of 9 Copts and injured 150, 45 seriously. Continue reading Egyptian military sides with Muslim mob in anti-Christian pogroms

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We have agreed on the rules of the protest on Facebook: We will remain peaceful. We will not use sectarian or party-political slogans or posters. The Muslim Brothers may not carry religious symbols. Everything shall remain civil. Everything shall be done according to democratic procedures.

Hamed Abdel-Samad, Tagebuch aus Ägypten: Mein Land, meine Leute, meine Revolution (Diary from Egypt: My Country, my people, my revolution), in: Welt Online, 5/2/2011 (my translation)

Cairo: February 3, 2011. (By Mary Abdelmassih AINA) — News of a massacre of two Christian Coptic families by Islamists just emerged from Upper Egypt with the return of the Internet connections after a week of Internet blackout by the Egyptian regime. The massacre took place on Sunday, January 30 at 3 PM in the village of Sharona near Maghagha, Minya province. Two Islamists groups, aided by the Muslim neighbors, descended on the roof of houses owned by Copts, killing eleven Copts, including children, and seriously injuring four others.

Anba Agathon, Bishop of Maghagha, told Coptic activist Dr. Mona Roman in a televised interview on Al-Karma TV that the killers are their neighbors, who seized the opportunity of the mayhem prevailing in Egypt and the absence of police protection to slaughter the Copts. He said that he visited today the four injured Copts, who escaped death despite being shot, at Maghagha General Hospital and they told him that they recognized the main attackers as they come from the same village of Sharona. They gave the Bishop details of what happened.

Pakistan Christian Post, 5/2/2011