You don’t have to tell us that, Mr Austin Gatt,

the Jew, the Jew, the Jew is the real villain, always the Jew, the Jew and the Israelis, the ones who always lose in any case — everybody understands that, because it’s just so simple.

The Jew and, of course, those suspected of  Kontaktschuld (German word meaning “guilt of contact”), and even more so if normally they like it very much to blame the Jews too, anzi even more than we from the PN! So… shame on them, let’s smash ’em!

But all we anti-Semites, who have “significant world understanding” (Borchardt) know that already! “Facts but not opinions.” We need no proof, we don’t need anything, we just need…

Infrastructure Minister Austin Gatt asks who “the real villain” of the power station extension contract saga is: “BWSC (who won the contract) or Bateman, the ones with ‘good contacts’ with the Partit Laburista (Labour Party)?”

In an exclusive article that is being published on page 3 in today’s issue, which Dr Gatt says are just facts and not opinions [and who would dare to doubt this! Also both the article, page 3, today’s issue and the publications are facts like me and you too!], the minister goes through the report compiled by the Auditor General who “found no evidence” of corruption or improper influence.

So maybe you can just shut up now for a while, Mr Double-Exclamation-Mark?