Trust Mogherini, Trust Rouhani, Trust Obama, and Trust especially John #Kerry, Comrade! Trust their “#IranDeal”, and Celebrate Hope and Peace Today!

For verily, they are not illiterates at all!

In May of 2013, Iranian president Hassan Rouhani bragged on Iran’s state IRIB TV that “only the illiterate” would believe “the lie” that “everything was suspended” on the nuclear program when Rouhani served as the chief negotiator from 2003-2005.

As reported by The Times of Israel,

He proceeded to detail how Iran, in fact, had flagrantly breached the October 2003 “Tehran Declaration,” which he said “was supposed to outline how everything should be suspended.” Although Iran issued a joint statement with visiting EU ministers in October 2003 setting out its pledged obligations under the Tehran Declaration, in practice, Rouhani said in the interview, “We did not let that happen!”

From: The TowerDeal Will Give Iran 24 Days to Cover Up Suspected Nuclear Sites, 14 July 2015.

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