I’m sorry, but I don’t understand your point. It’s quite obvious that the only people being killed in Libya are Muslim, because they are Libyan.

Daphne Caruana Galizia, Maltese anti-racist, 22 or 23 February 2011

“In the past days we have heard reports of innocent sub-Saharan Africans being beaten, stabbed and even killed, as they are wrongly suspected of being mercenaries hired by Gaddafi to kill the Libyan people.”

JRS Malta appealed to EU states, including Malta, and the rest of the international community to take immediate and concrete action to provide protection to this very vulnerable population by providing resettlement opportunities for them.

“While commending Malta’s immediate and effective response to the crisis by facilitating the evacuation of thousands of foreign nationals seeking to leave Libya, we also call upon the government of Malta to undertake urgent measures, as an extraordinary humanitarian gesture, to offer safe transit to asylum seekers who need to leave Libya and reach a place of refuge.

“It is clear that urgent, multi-lateral action is needed, as Malta cannot do this alone,” Fr Cassar added.

The Times of Malta, 1 March 2011

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