Auschwitz was sufficiently far away…

said Adorno, so the cries could not be heard by “normal” Germans. Our history teacher at secondary school even stated that “we could not know what happened behind those fences for they were just too high to let us peer inside”. So we just had to believe that, and all the more because we were invited to the cookout in his garden also for the coming weekend. Therefore, only a poor sport with exceptionally good reasons would have been able to contradict him and the whole class.

Probably, as almost anybody was a Nazi back then, it was forbidden, under the Nazis, to read Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’, because he was a well-known Nazi! So the Nazis could not know what he and they were doing. Probably just like today, as nobody can really know that Ahmadinejad is promising the Jews openly and on a regular basis the same thing, and is not just preparing to make his dirty promise come true using nuclear bombs, but has been trying to achieve that goal, along with the Iranian mullahs and many other anti-imperialists and peace-loving people, already for a long time by different means, e.g. by the recent (Hizbullah) Lebanon war.

According to foreign reports, Israel destroyed a nuclear weapons installation in Syria in September. Never has a larger story been pushed under the rug by so many so quickly. What are we to make of this?

Over the weekend former federal prosecutor and the head of the non-governmental International Intelligence Summit, John Loftus, released a report on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction program. His report was based on a private study of captured Iraqi documents. These were the unread Arabic language documents that US forces seized, but had not managed to translate after overthrowing Saddam Hussein in 2003.

After a prolonged battle between Congress and then director of US National Intelligence John Negroponte, President George W. Bush ordered those documents posted on a public access Web site last year. They were taken down after it was discovered that among the Iraqi documents were precise descriptions of how to build nuclear weapons.

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