When, in the Führerbunker, Hitler once again invoked the eradication of Bolshevism and the merciless resistance against the “world poisoner of all peoples,” “international Jewry,” as his testamentary will, he especially deplored the dereliction of an audacious policy of friendship with Islam, explaining by this the defeat.*

Gerhard Scheit, in: konkret, 12 (December)/2000)

“Let me say very clearly that the way the European Union will relate to an [Israeli] government that is not committed to a two-state solution will be very, very different,” said Javier Solana, the EU’s foreign and security affairs chief.

The Jerusalem Post, 16 March 2009

Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by their media manipulation of woman [sic] and children, the Hamas’ true message to Israelis is unequivocally clear: “You are our target – We want you dead.”


Hamas poster: Death is Coming!  You Zionists had better hide well!

Source: Official website of the Hamas’ armed wing,
the “al-Qassam Brigades”

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 28 February 2008

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Just in case you should hear about more “Serbian atrocities” in the near future…

… and given that the mainstream media may be too busy reporting about “hope” speeches and “Israeli atrocities” except for the following one:

A Saudi Arabian who went to the Gaza Strip to fight alongside Hamas was killed during Israel’s offensive in the Palestinian territory, several Islamic websites reported yesterday. Abu Mohammed Al Marri, who reportedly arrived in Gaza 10 days before the start of the Israeli offensive, “has become a martyr in the land of Gaza,” the websites said. The man, from a town in eastern Saudi Arabia, was a veteran of battles against Russian troops in Afghanistan and in Chechnya as well as against Serb and Croat forces in Bosnia, the websites said.

As emailer Alex said, “Thank you, Israel!”

maybe you should take into account the following:

Albanian Officials Preparing Staged Terrorist Attacks in Kosovo Province North

According to the Serbian intelligence report, Priština-based Albanian secret service ŠIK is preparing a series of staged terrorist attacks in Bošnjačka Mahala settlement in Kosovska Mitrovica, aimed at generating sharp reaction from international institutions and thus insuring deployment of the Albanian special troops, consisting of former members of terrorist KLA.

Prepared scenario involves bombing attacks against ethnic Albanian families residing in this part of town, for which the Serbs will be blamed, like in the recent bomb attack on Albanian-owned restaurant in the same part of town, which served to stage an attack on Serbian firefighters, who responded the call to put out the fire.

As Julia Gorin puts it:

We’re fighting them there so we don’t have to fight them here.
Except in the Balkans.
We help them there so we have to later fight them elsewhere.
Including here.

An exciting article about the Jews…

…  or about the Swedish Red Cross (and somehow about the Associated Press, too) by the Associated Press I have just finished reading in the online edition of the Jerusalem Post. An article everybody should read mindfully and possibly more than once:

Just copying the title and leaving the page underneath blank may in fact be the best method for treating certain news agency reports, even if the “news” that  “anti-Semitism is the rumor [or “rumour” – for Brits, whom it may concern even more] about the Jews” (Adorno) is not that new.

Note: To enlarge the text size, or to listen to the interesting article or to share it, you should go to the site www.jpost.com as quickly as possible, hoping the article has not been updated in the meantime.

Islamic ceasefire: “Eleven missiles, 4 Grad rockets injure 23 Israel civilians”

November 14, 2008, 2:41 PM (GMT+02:00)

The 4 Grad rockets hit Ashkelon Friday, Nov. 14, after Sderot was battered by 11 missiles. One of the casualties was an 82-year old woman in Sderot; the rest shock victims. The assault damaged homes and parked vehicles, forcing tens of thousands of inhabitants in the towns and villages around the Gaza Strip to spend hours in shelters or under cover.

An Israeli air strike hit one of the missiles teams in northern Gaza, injuring four Palestinians, but the missile assault continued regardless for the 10th day running.

Thursday night, the Palestinians fired five missiles, including two Grad rockets, against Ashkelon, Sderot, Netivot and Or Haner.

Cabinet ministers and oppositions lawmakers alike call for comprehensive military action to halt the blitz, which is again disrupting the lives of almost half a million distressed citizens.

Source: DEBKAfile

“Humiliating search at humiliating checkpoint…

… yields pipe bomb

Tuesday, November 11, 2008
Palestinian caught with pipe bomb near Jenin
Soldiers at Taysir checkpoint in West Bank search Palestinian, revealing explosive device
Efrat Weiss YNET Published: 11.10.08, 23:55 / Israel News

IDF soldiers on Monday detained a Palestinians that attempted to smuggle a pipe bomb through a checkpoint outside of the West Bank city of Jenin.

The explosive device was found during a search of the Palestinian’s belongings at the Taysir checkpoint, southeast of Jenin. The bomb was detonated in controlled surroundings and the Palestinian was transferred to security forces for questioning.

From Yoni the Blogger.

Stop the Bomb: “Protest against deals with Iran continues”

The campaign STOP THE BOMB – Coalition against the Iranian extermination programme has been mobilizing against a contract with Iran which the Austrian Mineral Oil Company (OMV) is planning to conclude. The campaign started an international online petition, which has been undersigned – amongst other prominent personages – by Elfriede Jelinek, Elie Wiesel and Imre Kertész, Albert Steinnhauser and Maria Vassilakou of the Austrian Green Party, and more than 4.300 other people from more than 60 countries. Now STOP THE BOMB requests in an open letter to the Federal Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the Austrian Republic to quit political support for deals with the Iranian regime. Considering statements given by Iranian opposition groups that at present a high-ranking delegation of OMV is staying in Iran to negotiate the concern’s planned 22 billion Euro deal with the Regime, STOP THE BOMB answers with an open letter referring to a writing by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to our campaign. In this letter Thomas Mayr-Harting, political director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, describes the Austrian posoition regarding Iran and tries implicitly to legitimise deals of Austrian companies with Iran.

Click here to read more of the Press Release of the Coalition against the Iranian Extermination Program (27 May 2008)!

New EU Flag (Proposal)

Shabbat Shalom

Another ordinary week has come and gone in southern Israel. Bombarded by rockets from Hamastan in Gaza, residents of Sderot, Ashkelon and nearby towns watched as their national leaders conducted negotiations by proxy with Hamas to release hundreds of terrorists in Israeli jails and consolidate Hamas’s weapons supply lines by suspending Israeli counter-terror operations during a “cease-fire.” Between trips to the local bomb shelter, they watched Israeli trucks deliver fuel and supplies to Hamas in Gaza in the morning and they watched Hamas store the fuel and supplies in depots near the border in the afternoon. In the evening they watched news reports echoing Hamas’s claims that Israel is depriving Gazan hospitals of fuel and Gazan civilians of basic foodstuffs.

Quoted from Caroline Glick’s Weblog. You might like to continue reading it there.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton: two distinct kinds of Euros

A striking characterization by Caroline Glick, just found in the Jerusalem Post Online Edition:

[…] how will a President Hillary Clinton or a President Barack Obama respond after being shown that appeasement of the Palestinians has once again failed and that appeasement or deterrence of the Iranian regime has also failed once again? Given their distinct emotional makeup, it can be assumed that Obama will argue that reality is wrong and continue on – Carter-like – into the abyss and drag his country and Israel down with him. Acting in a Clinton-like way, Clinton on the other hand, would be more likely to pick a fight with Serbia – or call for a federal ban on chewing tobacco in a bid to change the subject.


Ne damo Kosovo

Snow neve Schnee

fällt falls càde

auf on su

brènnendes burning cuòre

heart ardènte herz

two due zwei

mondi welten worlds

in war against each other si guerrèggiano bekriegen sich


il terzo the third one die dritte

muore dies

(Written geschrieben scritto in Utrecht, April, 13th 1999, while a band was playing Rosamunde “for the Kosovo“ – in German)

Kosovo je Srbija.

Iran, EU, Österreich, Israel

„Österreich ist für uns das Tor zur Europäischen Union“, so Ali Naghi Khamoushi, der Präsident der iranischen Handelskammer, im November 2006. Im März 2008 wird Österreich offiziell das 70-jährige Jubiläum des „Anschlusses“ betrauern. Zwei Monate später wird es an den 60-Jahres-Feierlichkeiten des Staates Israel teilnehmen. Diese Ereignisse sollten Anlass zu einer moralischen Gewissensprüfung sein. Österreich muss seine moralische Rhetorik in konkretes Handeln umsetzen, wenn es unter Beweis stellen will, dass es seine Lektion gelernt hat. Diese Worte würden mit Inhalt gefüllt, und es würde zudem ein deutliches Zeichen gesetzt, wenn durch eine Aufkündigung des geplanten größten Ölabkommens aller Zeiten zwischen einem europäischen Unternehmen und den Mullahs zumindest der Versuch unternommen wird, die atomaren Ambitionen des Irans zu stoppen.

Simone Dinah Hartmann, Sprecherin des überparteilichen Bündnisses Stop the Bomb, in: “Lizas Welt“, 6.3.2008.

Kommentare und Infos zum Nahost-Friedensprozess

Ein älterer:

Peace Process

Aus einem neueren:

Shmuel Katz writes in his article: “The Jewish state is in greater danger than any time since the 1948 War of Independence. The danger stems not from current Arab violence, nor the threat of future violence. It lies in the convocation of the Annapolis conference conceived and promoted with almost frenetic enthusiasm by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice…”

Mehr unter http://womeningreen.org/?p=136.

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