Dr Tonio Borg tells the truth

Asked whether his visit to Gaza would fuel Israeli claims that Malta is a vociferous pro-Palestinian supporter, [Maltese FM] Dr [Tonio] Borg said: “I made it very clear that we have nothing against Israel and we believe Israel’s guaranteed security is essential in the final target of a two-state solution. But we cannot agree with the settlements and we cannot agree with the state the Gazans are in.” (The Times of Malta of today)

No, Mr Borg, you don’t hate Israelis and you don’t hate Jews, at least not more than your dead friend Yassir Arafat, the most famous anti-Semite of the world after Hitler, an Egyptian who got his first military training – for the “final target” of killing Jews – from a former official of the German Wehrmacht, Yassir Arafat whose ideological teacher was Hitler’s pal the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Yassir Arafat whose first aide was Mahmoud Abbas, the current (non elected) “President” of the PA, who wrote his holocaust-denying doctoral thesis in Moscow, Yassir “Why-didn’t-you-kill-more-of-them?” Arafat on whose grave you, in occasion of your visit to the “Holy Land” just laid a wreath. Which is really the best thing to do when one wants to make it very clear that one has nothing against Israel, and even less against the Jews. Continue reading Dr Tonio Borg tells the truth

You don’t have to tell us that, Mr Austin Gatt,

the Jew, the Jew, the Jew is the real villain, always the Jew, the Jew and the Israelis, the ones who always lose in any case — everybody understands that, because it’s just so simple.

The Jew and, of course, those suspected of  Kontaktschuld (German word meaning “guilt of contact”), and even more so if normally they like it very much to blame the Jews too, anzi even more than we from the PN! So… shame on them, let’s smash ’em!

But all we anti-Semites, who have “significant world understanding” (Borchardt) know that already! “Facts but not opinions.” We need no proof, we don’t need anything, we just need…

Infrastructure Minister Austin Gatt asks who “the real villain” of the power station extension contract saga is: “BWSC (who won the contract) or Bateman, the ones with ‘good contacts’ with the Partit Laburista (Labour Party)?”

In an exclusive article that is being published on page 3 in today’s issue, which Dr Gatt says are just facts and not opinions [and who would dare to doubt this! Also both the article, page 3, today’s issue and the publications are facts like me and you too!], the minister goes through the report compiled by the Auditor General who “found no evidence” of corruption or improper influence.

So maybe you can just shut up now for a while, Mr Double-Exclamation-Mark?

“Turks” and “Germans” parade in Malta to celebrate the “freedom flotilla”

Some newspaper headlines can lie much better than (non-doctored) videos: Who are the victims of Gaza? The inhabitants of Gaza City? All of them? And what did Gaza City do to them? “Free” them of all Jews?

If, by Gaza, the Hamas-run political entity is meant, the demonstration celebrated by the Times of Malta on the 4th of June was certainly not in favor of any victims, it was a demonstration in solidarity with (real and wannabe)  Jew murderers. And it seems that some demonstrators very much wanted this to be quite clear, so clear that the brave Maltese police had to intervene.

Two sieges in one
The following statement made by the Times of Malta might be true:

The organisations supporting the event were Alternattiva Demokratika Zaghzagh, the Arabic Cultural Information Society (ACIS), Euro-Med, Kopin (Koperazzjoni Internazzjonali – Malta), Moviment Azzjoni Xellug, Moviment Graffitti, Peace lab, Stand4Palestine – Malta, Third World Group and Zminijietna.

Maltese citizens hit out at ‘peaceful’ protesters: “They sought confrontation and got the confrontation they wanted”

“The activists’ effort […] cannot be considered other than violent and illegal. There is no other way to define a concerted and well planned action which seeks to prevent another from carrying out his lawful activities,” the federation said.

Curious? Read more in “The Times of Malta(stan),” 5/6/2010. Hint: Although it is about ships with a certain kind of careerists aboard, the article doesn’t deal with the anti-Semitic “freedom flotilla,” rather with fish, but if you are not an anti-Semite, you have to hold your nose only if you read that and other articles on that site, too.

More Bianca Zammit “news”

From the Jerusalem Post (online, Lenny Ben-David), 15/5/2010:

One of the stars of the Rachel Corrie’s welcoming committee will be Bianca Zammit, a Maltese woman member of ISM and Gaza resident, who was shot in the thigh by an IDF soldier during a demonstration close to the Gaza-Israel border on April 24. Like Corrie, Zammit was devoted to the Palestinians of Gaza, writing extensively about the plight of Palestinian prisoners in Israel. And like Corrie, she was determined to challenge the IDF, even if it killed her. Continue reading More Bianca Zammit “news”

Turkish-led “peaceful” Jihad flotilla ship MV Rachel Corrie is on its way to Gaza from Malta

This was reported some hours ago by the blog The Muqata which is currently providing much material about the “peacefulness” of the deadly anti-Semitic Hamas support “show” strongly sustained by the Jihadist Turkish prime minister Erdogan.

Erdogan, according to Wikipedia, “was given a prison sentence [in 1998] after he had read poetry regarded as a violation of Kemalism by judges. It included lines translated as ‘The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…'” (Before reading that, I was quite sure that he had read the quoted sentence aloud, approvingly, and enthusiastically, to a large public, but Wikipedia will certainly know better! He read it secretly under his bedspread.)

The Muqata has published, among others, a photograph of one of the faithful present on one of the “peaceful protest” flotilla:

Continue reading Turkish-led “peaceful” Jihad flotilla ship MV Rachel Corrie is on its way to Gaza from Malta