Times of Malta justifies anti-Semitic terror attack in Jerusalem

Last lines in its first article today about the attack:

Sirens echoed through the city as dozens of ambulances and fire engines raced to the scene.

An AFP correspondent at the scene said the attack hit the 174 bus which was headed for Maaleh Adumim, a sprawling Jewish settlement which lies just to the east of Jerusalem.

In all these days it has said nothing about all the other terror attacks happening in Israel on a daily basis again, with people injured and many in shock. Has it said something about the slaughter of almost an entire “settler” family, murdered in their sleep, without citing this just as a “justification” for some “revenge” of the IDF? I don’t remember. What I know is that it considers even the rest of Israel as a dangerously “sprawling settlement,” and Jews as some kind of dangerous cancer, just like Hamas, Ahmadinejad, and all the rest of the modern nazis do.

Shame on whom, Ms. DCG?

Daphne Caruana Galizia, after and along with Der Spiegel, does now a bit of PR for Joschka Fischer, an early admirer of the Khomeinist revolution in Iran, the German chief promoter of what is now the almost serben-, juden- and zigeunerrein Islamic “rogue state” of Kosovo; for that Joschka Fischer thanks to whom the Germans managed to bomb Belgrade for the third time (at least) in the last century shortly before it ended and managed to give a decisive boost to what the Führer, in a moment of self-criticism, had recommended implicitly to the German people in his “political testament”: a “more audacious alliance with Islam.Continue reading Shame on whom, Ms. DCG?

Don’t miss your very last chance, Dr Gonzi! Do something to show the world that Malta is still as full of Goodness and Courage as DCG is!

The chance to redeem ourselves

Published: March 22, 2011 at 4:22pm [by Maltese blogger Daphne Caruana Galizia]

[…] EU Commissioner Catherine Ashton said [… ] that [the 27 EU] foreign ministers were informed of the European Commission’s contingency plan for a massive humanitarian mission should there have to be mass evacuations from Libya if there is an escalation of conflict. Continue reading Don’t miss your very last chance, Dr Gonzi! Do something to show the world that Malta is still as full of Goodness and Courage as DCG is!

After Libya, Bahrain? (Seems like “this is getting repetitive”*!)

Are these the next civilians the West is ‘responsible to protect’?

I.e. after these Libyan opposition guys – or at the same time?

(Just one example: “The people of Ar Rajbaan”)

Or will it be Hamas, directly, instead of, as until now, indirectly?

I know I am not being very fair, but the first link to the “Interim Transitional National Council”‘s Site I saw – the link above the second video points to the “Allegiances” page of that “Council” – was promoted without any scruples by someone – Daphne Caruana Galizia – who thinks she is fighting for “Libyan [!] freedom” and accuses anyone who maybe just does not want to let himself and his country be dragged into a fight between Islamic tribes, as a coward; and the only thing which most of the current “experts'” evaluations and many of the Western politicians’ decisions seem to be based on are good intentions, and that doesn’t bode well at all indeed.

Update (21/3/2011):

As far as the the poor suppressed “civilians” of Bahrain are concerned, it seems that – to paraphrase two famous anti-Islamophobic ideologues and community or, maybe “better,” Ummah organizers – Barack Hussein Obama (USA) and, to get repetitive here too, Daphne Caruana Galizia (Malta), the first (un-)State ‘on the right side of history’ in taking the lead there is not France, but Iran:

Shia-News, a site associated with Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi (a hard-line Shiite Twelver and an influential figure in the suppression of Iranians during their uprising to protest the fraudulent presidential election of 2009), is registering volunteers to participate in suicide bombings against Saudi interests around the world. Hundreds have already registered. Reports from inside Iran indicate that an alert has gone out to the Revolutionary Guards Quds forces throughout the world to prepare for attacks on Saudi establishments.


*) Part of a headline by Daphne Caruana Galizia, Maltese backyard analyst.

Terrorist supporters demonstrate in Valletta, and the Times of Malta beatifies them

just after the most atrocious anti-Semitic massacre in years carried out by Arabs in Israel, by, among other Islamic slaughter methods, slitting the throats of children, a massacre in which PA officials were very probably involved, and just a few hours after “Israeli civilians living around the Gaza border woke up [this morning] to the most massive mortar attack in years – 50 rounds fired in 15 minutes.” Continue reading Terrorist supporters demonstrate in Valletta, and the Times of Malta beatifies them

You are so right, Ms Caruana Galizia!

Quando si tratta di combattere l'”Islamofobia” (© Ayatollah Khomeini), tutto fa brodo e tutto è permesso come nell’amore, mhux veru? Even something as repulsive as a “Bosnian-American Genocide Institute and Education Center” (at the same time), i.e., as Julia Gorin has – perhaps unintentionally – explained, literally an Institute for genocide. So just keep on publishing, along with the periodic reader remarks suggesting Jewish conspiracies, also any eye-opening Holocaust-relativising shit like the following – in your amazing notebook:

Dee says:

It is not the first time in European history that diplomats and international agencies preferred to look the other way whilst millions perished thanks to the whims of a tyrant.

Seems that history is repeating itself whilst Gaddafi unleashes the ”Final Solution’ on his people.

After all, it’s in our Eurabian DNA and neither we nor anyone else can do anything against our transforming anything in “Final Solutions,” I mean anything short of some kind of… well… “Final Solution.”

Daphne Caruana Galizia condemns frightening first results of Egyptian “revolution”

In a strong-worded statement published yesterday on her blog, Maltese EU liberal Daphne Caruana Galizia condemned the violence currently taking place in Egypt, where the newly appointed Foreign Minister is preparing to boost Egypt’s collaboration with the Iranian-sponsored Hamas for the next big war against Israel after the Egyptian-Israeli gas-pipeline has already been blown up and Islamic anti-Semitic Cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi has spoken to a crowd of reportedly one million or more followers in Cairo’s Tahrir Square shortly after the “revolution”, inveighing and inciting Jihad against the Jews, while the Egyptian military is being reported to be backing up an Islamic mob attacking the homes of Christians and trying to destroy a Coptic Church (because one of those infidels had a relationship with a woman born as a follower of their superior religion of peace) after similar incidents in the last few days in Egypt in which the military helped render Egyptian Christians defenseless against Islamic Jihad mob attacks. Continue reading Daphne Caruana Galizia condemns frightening first results of Egyptian “revolution”

If Daphne Caruana Galizia is right, Egyptians urgently need “democratic governance” too

Did [Maltese EU Commissioner John Dalli] say that democratic governance is the fountain from which everything else – human rights, free elections, freedom of speech – will flow, or did he say that Libyans are problematic because their religion preaches ‘vindication’ while ‘ours preaches forgiveness’?

Dahne Caruana Galizia, today

The father of [a] Muslim woman was killed by his cousin because he did not kill his daughter to preserve the family’s honor, which led the woman’s brother to avenge the death of his father by killing the cousin. The village Muslims blamed the Christians.

The Free Copts, the day before yesterday

Cyrenaican “uprising”: Demonstration of Eritreans in Valletta

Some 100 members of the Eritrean community in Malta held a demonstration in Valletta this afternoon where they called on Malta and the international community to help evacuate asylum seekers stranded in Libya.

They said the Eritreans could not return to their country because they would be prosecuted [sic], and they were not part of the international evacuation effort and had thus been stranded, without protection, in Libya. Some were in danger of being shot, being mistaken for Gaddafi’s mercenaries. Continue reading Cyrenaican “uprising”: Demonstration of Eritreans in Valletta


I’m sorry, but I don’t understand your point. It’s quite obvious that the only people being killed in Libya are Muslim, because they are Libyan.

Daphne Caruana Galizia, Maltese anti-racist, 22 or 23 February 2011

“In the past days we have heard reports of innocent sub-Saharan Africans being beaten, stabbed and even killed, as they are wrongly suspected of being mercenaries hired by Gaddafi to kill the Libyan people.” Continue reading Really?

Tonio Borg is right on this instead, Mrs #DCG

Dr #Borg noted that the UN Security Council was considering the imposition of measures against Libya. Malta was not a member of the council but would follow what the UN decided. His advice, however, was not to have undue haste. Malta, he said, had to safeguard its nationals and national interests, although it would not shirk from condemning what was manifestly bad.*

Malta is a vulnerable place, has no “iron dome”, depends totally on others as far as its defense is concerned, has less means for safeguarding its nationals’ (and its barranin‘s) lives than Israel has to protect Beersheba, and could soon be in a similar situation. Tonio Borg seems to be the same as always, while Daphne Caruana Galizia regresses out of moral zeal, giving space to a conspiracy theorist (plus Kosova-ist and Palestinianist, I guess): Fisk. Manifestly bad indeed. That tendency of hers should indeed not only be condemned, but also attacked, not only for the sake of Malta, but also for that of the “bigger picture”, a constantly increasing part of which is occupied by the exterminative Iranian regime and its international proxies. Next time some Iranian war ships pass the Suez Canal, as some Iranian war ships did a few days ago for the first time since about 30 years, and enter the Mediterranean, they might also turn to the left instead of turning to the right. While in the meantime the temporary winners of the Egyptian “revolution”, the military, are reported to have attacked a few Christian monasteries.

*) The Times of Malta website, yesterday; hashtags added, as a test, don’t know to “twitter” well yet, and if it could work, let’s see.

Maltese writer Daphne Caruana Galizia should perhaps partly rewrite one blog post of hers asap

Today she wrote that,

perhaps [The Times of Malta] could ring [Maltese FM] Tonio Borg and ask him whether we are still close friends with Gaddafi, and if not, what do we plan to do about it.

Continue reading Maltese writer Daphne Caruana Galizia should perhaps partly rewrite one blog post of hers asap

In alliance with Gaddafi, the “Times of Malta”…

… currently seems to get more and more of those “readers-writers” it deserves:

Anthony Farrugia says:
Tuesday, 22 February at 1006hrs

Reading the posts on timesofmalta.com should carry a health warning: heartburn.

All the wackos, pettyminded weirdos, people who have never read a book or even a newspaper in their lives: they all come rushing out of the woodwork to post their inane comments based on total ignorance, grocer hearsay, conspiracy theories, beware of the bogey man attitudes, the more the merrier.

If you need evidence of the failure of education coupled with selfish characters plus I am all right so f&%k Jack attitude, it’s all right there. I forgot the lack of grammar, punctuation, spelling, postin with Caps Lock on; it makes one weep with frustration.

Hot Mama says:
Tuesday, 22 February at 1057hrs

you forgot these: !!!!!!

[Source: Daphne Caruana Galizia’s Notebook]

And the TOM still wants to attract even more of those authoritarian-minded Maltese half-witted peasants as readers, dragging some of them away from, for instance, Maltatoday. Today, one of its headlines promises the Brutes of Malta that Tripoli – obviously thanks to Gaddafi’s mega-bloody mowing down of protesters in Libya – is “calm” again, though contradicting itself beneath that line (so check back later, dear illiterate, to see if it will remain stable even tomorrow! and comment and buy!); and in another, unsubstantiated, piece, it avidly seizes the occasion to mark Libyans living in Malta who do not like Gaddafi that much, bluntly as “violent,” before investigating any further.

For having done what?

For allegedly having removed a portrait of the great anti-Semitic leader of the Libyan people from a wall inside an Islamic school.

Daphne Caruana Galizia on “Maltese bravery”

If we shout “Gaddafi, stop this bloodshed” we will be knocked out of our senses once and for all.

[Daphne – Really, by whom? We’re a nation of cowards, and you sum up the typical sentiment. If we hadn’t been a British colony at the time we would have surrendered to Mussolini in 1939 for just the reasons you outline. That George Cross went to the wrong people. We endured the bombings because we had no choice and not because we stood up to fascism. Given half the chance, we would have embraced fascism rather than be bombed.]

From Gaza to Malta with love

Paratroop Sgt. Nadav Rutenberg, 20, from Moshav Ramat Hashavim, was killed Friday night, Jan. 11 [sic;  but it was the 7th] during a firefight with Palestinian terrorists near Mefalsim outside the Gaza Strip. A Paratroop Brigades officer suffered moderate injuries and three soldiers of the same unit were slightly hurt. They were hit, according to a preliminary inquiry, by errant mortar fire from another IDF unit on the scene. The incident began with a Palestinian ambush which caught the Israeli patrol by surprise. It developed into a fierce firefight using tanks, mortars and helicopters.

In recent weeks, Palestinian terrorist activity from the Gaza Strip has become increasingly bold, ranging from explosive devices planted on the border fence to missile and mortar fire on Israeli towns and military patrols. [Source: Debkafile]

But tomorrow it will certainly be peaceful there, at the fence, for I am sure that Bianca Zammit will be there again – accompanied by “peaceful” Gazan “farmers,” – protesting and filming against what they allegedly consider to be the  “worst human rights violations” of the world, perpetrated by the Israelis and resulting in the fact that some alleged farmers cannot use “their land” there, at the fence where the Islamist, anti-Semitic, anti-Western terrorists from Gaza like to plant their bombs and stage their ambushes.

So you just… don’t be afraid of any ambush, young Israeli soldiers, tomorrow!