Pushing harder to push the Jews out of their own land by means of illegal settlements

Now the Obama administration seems to care even less about the Oslo Accords into which the Clinton administration pressured the tiny state of Israel, enabling a bunch of defeated terrorists to set up a “legal” anti-Semitic terror base within what should be Israel’s own sovereign territory: State Dept. Tells Israel to Leave Illegal Arab Settlement.

As Adolf Hitler stressed: “Menschenrecht bricht Staatsrecht” (“human rights trump state law”) – while it is “us” who define what is a “human right” and what is not, at least when it comes to the Jews of Israel (or, well, to the Serbs).

Trust Mogherini, Trust Rouhani, Trust Obama, and Trust especially John #Kerry, Comrade! Trust their “#IranDeal”, and Celebrate Hope and Peace Today!

For verily, they are not illiterates at all!

In May of 2013, Iranian president Hassan Rouhani bragged on Iran’s state IRIB TV that “only the illiterate” would believe “the lie” that “everything was suspended” on the nuclear program when Rouhani served as the chief negotiator from 2003-2005.

As reported by The Times of Israel,

He proceeded to detail how Iran, in fact, had flagrantly breached the October 2003 “Tehran Declaration,” which he said “was supposed to outline how everything should be suspended.” Although Iran issued a joint statement with visiting EU ministers in October 2003 setting out its pledged obligations under the Tehran Declaration, in practice, Rouhani said in the interview, “We did not let that happen!”

From: The TowerDeal Will Give Iran 24 Days to Cover Up Suspected Nuclear Sites, 14 July 2015.

Illegale Siedlungen in Israel – eine Hand wäscht die andere

Während der Islamische Staat und andere Barbaren ihre Augen auf die Eroberung Roms richten, hilft die EU tatkräftig bei der Einkreisung Jerusalems (während der Iran das mit ganz Israel tut).

Womit? Mit illegalen Siedlungen natürlich.

Earlier this month, Regavim unveiled a report showing that the European Union is actively building illegal Palestinian outposts in and around Jerusalem to the detriment of Israel. The news came as a shock to millions of Israelis, who learned that hundreds of buildings bearing EU flags were popping up across Jerusalem and Area C of Judea and Samaria, which according to the Oslo II Accords is under total Israeli control.

Moments after the news went public, an order was given by the prime minister to deal with these structures irrespective of who built them. It would seem that after years of research into this new phenomena, the Israeli government is finally taking baby steps to restore the rule of law. Continue reading Illegale Siedlungen in Israel – eine Hand wäscht die andere

“All of the Middle East is Iranian”… and all of the EU is Iran’s Quisling

In Tehran, “Top presidential adviser Ali Younesi”

said Monday [today] that Iran is once again an empire whose influence extends to Iraq and beyond. […] “The geography of Iran and Iraq cannot be divided. All of the Middle East is Iranian,” Younesi declared, warning that no one had the right to oppose Iran’s influence in the region. The people now living in neighboring countries are also Iranian “because their countries were separated from the empire east and west.”

In New York, also today, the current “High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy” and a “Vice-President of the European Commission”, Federica Mogherini, had this to say before the United Nations Security Council:

[We] have never been so close to what could be a turning point in the history of Iran’s relation with the West. And with the region. We should not waste such a historical opportunity.

Ralph Raschen: “Federica Mogherini and Freedom of speech”

Let’s not say any more that Muslims are victims of terrorism too. The EU foreign policy head Federica Mogherini shows that by this you only give her another tool for lying with the truth.

[Read the rest of the article written by me at Canada Free Press]

Ralph Raschen: “Negotiations or just Dictates?”

Can there be any doubt any more that the the current US administration, the EU, the UN (with its “Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People”), the PA and Iran are now all working hand in hand and increasingly hard to weaken Israel, while re-strengthening Iran, just as the world’s anti-Semites have always wished would happen?

[Read the rest of the article written by me at Canada Free Press]

Heißer Tipp aus Deutschland: Hallo, Israelis! Keine Angst vorm Sprung ins kalte Wasser!

Mein vorangegangenes Posting bestand in einer Übersetzung eines Teils einer Kolumne von Caroline Glick, in der sie auf die Gefahren aufmerksam macht, denen Israel ausgesetzt wäre, wenn der so genannte Kerry-Plan umgesetzt würde. Kurz gesagt, würde es sich um den Anfang vom Ende Israels handeln.

In diesem Zusammenhang ist es vielleicht angebracht, noch mal zu gucken, wie man die ganze Chose in Deutschland sieht, dem doch Israel eigentlich so am Herzen liegt. Bzw. “als Deutsche”, z. B. als langjährige Korrespondentin für eine linke deutsche Tageszeitung in “Israel und Palästina”. Ist man in solcher Eigenschaft zumindest auch ein wenig um Israel besorgt? Continue reading Heißer Tipp aus Deutschland: Hallo, Israelis! Keine Angst vorm Sprung ins kalte Wasser!

Frieden für Israel und “Palästina” nach John Kerry (Auszug aus einer Kolumne von Caroline Glick)

[J]etzt beabsichtigt Kerry, seine eigenen Parameter vorzulegen, die der PLO sogar noch mehr entgegenkommen als diejenigen der Clinton- und der Bush-Regierung.

Wie der Clinton- und der Bush-Plan umfassen die Kerry-Parameter die Abtretung von Jerusalem und des Tempelbergs durch Israel an die PLO, und damit wird die historische Tatsache verworfen, dass an diesem Ort, der die Wiege der jüdischen Zivilisation und Geschichte und für das Judentum die heiligste Stätte gewesen ist und bleiben wird, zwei jüdische Tempel gebaut wurden.

Sie würden die massenhafte Vertreibung von Hunderttausenden von Juden aus ihren Häusern in Jerusalem, Judäa und Samarien mit sich bringen, um Platz für einen antisemitischen judenfreien Staat zu schaffen, der der Zerstörung des jüdischen Rumpfstaats verschrieben bleiben wird. Continue reading Frieden für Israel und “Palästina” nach John Kerry (Auszug aus einer Kolumne von Caroline Glick)

Sowing wind

Theodor W. Adorno’s categorical imperative saying that everything should be organised in a way that Auschwitz cannot repeat itself has been turned into its opposite: especially since the beginning of the “Arab spring”, everything is increasingly being organised in a way that it is most probable for it to happen again soon. Continue reading Sowing wind

Europäische Profifußballer: Bekämpfung antisemitischer Terroristen durch Israel unsportlich genug, um Boykott des Judenstaats zu rechtfertigen

In Südisrael haben ca. 1 Million Personen, behinderte und nichtbehinderte, unter denen sich auch viele Unter-21-Jährige befinden, im Fall eines Raketenalarms, je nachdem, wie weit sie gerade vom Gazastreifen entfernt sind, ca. 15 – 45  Sekunden  Zeit, zum nächstgelegenen Bunker zu rennen/zu fahren oder sich sonstwie in relative Sicherheit zu bringen, sei es am Tag, sei es mitten in der Nacht.

Die IDF, die israelischen Streitkräfte, haben vor kurzem, nachdem diese ca. 1 Million Menschen die erwähnte Übung mittlerweile erneut unzählige Male täglich zu absolvieren hatten*, versucht, den Beschuss Israels aus Gaza mittels verstärkter militärischer Operationen zu unterbinden. Sehr unsportlicher Weise, wie einige Fußballer meinen:

Dozens of professional football players have signed a statement protesting the decision of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) to stage the European under-21 championship in Israel next year.

The statement, which was released by the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Campaign against Israel, claims that in light of the recent Israeli operation in Gaza, holding the tournament in Israel would be “seen as a reward for actions that are contrary to sporting values.”

The decision to host the games in Israel is “yet another stain on the world’s conscience” […], the statement says.

Durch derartige jüdische Antiterror- und Antivernichtungsmaßnahmen wird nämlich, abgesehen von der Einschränkung des Rechts der Jihadisten auf Judenmassenmord, auch deren Recht auf die Förderung der täglichen sportlichen Betätigung ihrer Opfer mit Füßen getreten, da diese nun – wenigstens für eine Weile – nicht mehr täglich (und  nächtlich) um ihr Leben laufen müssen. Und besonders dazu können um die Werte des Sports besorgte Erben des Nazi-Bündnisses mit dem Islam natürlich nicht schweigen.

“We, as European football players, express our solidarity with the people of Gaza who are living under siege and denied basic human dignity and freedom,” the players said in the statement, which was also published on the website of former Tottenham and Sevilla striker Frederic Kanoute.

*) “Palestinian Terrorist Rockets and Mortars Fired at Southern Israel Since January 20, 2012
2725*: (2369* since ‘ceasefire’ on March 13th); (2088* since ‘ceasefire’ on June 26); *These numbers incorporate the grossly under-reported “official numbers” between 9/14/12–9/21/12.” — israelstreet.org, 2.12.2012.


Chapeau, “Times” (of Malta), Goebbels couldn’t have done it any better!

At least not at such a low cost.

The Maltese Times published today in its online edition a headline apparently taken from a press agency called PA:

Face of Israeli attack bus bomber

There you have it! Now those “Nazi-Zionists” even have “attack buses“!  How perverted, er, perverse!

Anti-Semitic Islamists who kill defenseless Jewish civilians (tourists, in this case) in Europe become courageous ‘resistance fighters’ just like those little innocent stone-throwing ‘Palestianian’ children sent by their anti-Semitic parents and/or the “Palestinian Authority” defying Israeli ‘occupation’, whom every European (leftist) Nazi cannot but love! Anti-Semitic mass-murderers become the ‘face of peace.’  Continue reading Chapeau, “Times” (of Malta), Goebbels couldn’t have done it any better!

Egypt: “Here is some ‘oh my God’ news” (Daphne Caruana Galizia)

What’s happening is amazing. I get the feeling that 2011 for North Africa is going to be like what 1989 was for Europe. Maybe it’s premature to say that. I don’t know. But definitely, something has snapped.

Daphne Caruana Galizia, 30 January 2011


On January 30, 1933, after a decade of Nazi electoral struggle, Reich President Paul von Hindenburg appointed Adolf Hitler, a vicious ideologue with a gift for insincere diplomacy, as Chancellor of Germany in a coalition cabinet of “national concentration.” “Just like a fairy tale,” Goebbels, soon to be his propaganda minister, wrote in his diary. As noted by Ian Kershaw in Hitler: A Biography, few would have believed it possible but a year earlier. Hitler quickly set out to eliminate his Leftist enemies, his Rightist rivals, and–with slowly gathering lethality–the Jews. So skillfully did he play the moderate that, when he unleashed his first orgy of violence that February he was able to blame undisciplined underlings for the bloodshed. That is what he continued to do right through Reichskristallnacht in November 1938, the first great pogrom against Germany’s Jews, and even in the Holocaust, which some historians blame more on his subordinates than on the Fuehrer himself. Yet he had made his intentions clear in numerous speeches over the years, and even in the pages of Mein Kampf as well. Tragically, few wished to listen.

The Muslim Brotherhood, with an implacably anti-Western, anti-secular, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, anti-female, Muslim-supremacist ideology, plus organization and tactics directly influenced by the Nazis–who armed and financed it in the 1940s–has waited even longer for this moment. The MB seems finally in a position to take the prize of total state power, toward which it has been plodding through the sands of the political wilderness since 1928, its eyes always fixed on that longed-for horizon. Yet most of the world still sees its leaders not as they are, but as they wish them to be: moderate, liberal, interested more in economic well-being than holy war, at least for the sake of being reelected next time. But we have no evidence at all at that they have changed so far, no reason to think that they will change later, nor that there will be a chance to vote them out in future. The MB, like Hamas, its Palestinian branch (which won elections in 2006, then grabbed power in a coup in 2007, and has not let go since), is not apt to yield control peacefully. Like Hamas, they deserve not to be bribed with aid that they will only use against us, but to be offered help only if they loudly and repeatedly renounce–in Arabic, the only language that counts to their constituents–their most deep-seated beliefs and objectives. Yet even that would likely prove illusory: bitter experience with Hamas, Hezbollah, the Taliban and other Islamist movements, shows that their ideology is far more important to them than their people’s security and prosperity. Still, from officials, experts and pundits who should know better, despite some pro forma appeals for vigilance, we are mostly asked just to wait–until it could be too late.

From: Raymond Stock, The Donkey, the Camel and the Facebook Scam: How the Muslim Brotherhood Conquered Egypt and Conned the World

‘t is not a good moment to appear as ‘racist’ in Malta at the time,

so why, just after the editor of MaltaToday, Saviour Balzan, in the wake of the violent death of an ‘illegal immigrant’ in Malta, has ‘broken the news’ that “the issue of colour has become ridiculous and far-fetched”  (whatever idiocy that means or reveals), not start diverting popular resentment again against some evil whites, anzi why not propose to start “hounding” them directly, ghax is it not that they themselves, those ever-greedy Semites so very different from us Semites and our other Semitic brethren, the Arabs, are always “hounding passers-by to test their products” instead of performing anti-capitalist, anti-Semitic, as well as anti-Christian, ‘revolutions’? Continue reading ‘t is not a good moment to appear as ‘racist’ in Malta at the time,

Swing Low Sweet Sharia

The play within the play

In October 2011 an extraordinary opportunity to apprehend the ill-defined “Middle East” conflict was offered in the form of a play within the play. Discourse was disabled by flesh and blood images acting out the drama with exquisite unity and perfect casting. Playing the role of Israel, Gilad Shalit, courageous survivor of five years of unspeakable deprivation, emerged frail, pale but gloriously resistant. The little that we know of the conditions of his imprisonment is already too much. Kidnapped at the age of 19 near the Kerem Shalom crossing in Israel (two IDF soldiers were killed in the cross-border attack), held in some sort of dungeon, starved of human company, starved of daylight, undernourished, not even given eyeglasses with which to see the ugly contours of his constricted world, Gilad stood before us, a miraculous survivor. The celestial light of dignity suffused his flesh and bones with metaphysical force. Continue reading Swing Low Sweet Sharia

Günter Grass als Schriftsteller

Als Schriftsteller ist Günter Grass ein Schmied, der reiz- und formlose Klumpen zusammenhämmert, mit denen man kaum mehr anfangen kann, als sie Leuten über den Kopf zu hauen.

Daniel Greenfield (Übers.: Ralph Raschen)

Erster weltpolitischer Erfolg der von Günter Grass, der Süddeutschen Zeitung, La Repubblica u. a. initiierten Kampagne zur Entwaffnung Israels?

Iran übernimmt ‘grassistischen Imperativ’ einem DEBKAfile-Bericht zufolge als Kernbedingung für eine Hudna mit dem Westen

Wer sagt noch, Günter Grass’ Forderung, den Staat der Juden wirksam zu entwaffnen, sei in der jüngsten “Debatte” leider völlig untergegangen? Nachdem der frühere SS-Mann für den kürzlich von ihm “in Gedichtform” abgesonderten antisemitischen Dreck umgehend von höchster iranischer Stelle gelobt wurde, berichtete DEBKAfile gestern – unter dem Titel “Iran’s ‘new initiatives’ place Israel at center of nuclear talks” – unter anderem: Continue reading Erster weltpolitischer Erfolg der von Günter Grass, der Süddeutschen Zeitung, La Repubblica u. a. initiierten Kampagne zur Entwaffnung Israels?